Excellent services! If you are looking for an experienced immigration lawyer who really cares about your case, Teresa is the one. I base my review on my personal experience: Teresa knows that time is of essence to our immigration cases so she acts very quickly in turning around our cases. I had my H1B, H1B extension, and green card cases handled by her and all went smoothly, so did my colleagues throughout the past few years. In addition, Teresa is very honest: she assessed our cases and advised us of potential risks ahead of time so that we could know what to expect and how to best prepare our cases. I highly recommend this lawyer.” Grace F., San Jose, CA

Our company has been using Law Offices of Teresa Cai as our immigration counsel for more than 10 years, and it has always met and many times exceeded our expectations. Before we started using her services, we had tried 3 different law firms during a five-year period. What made Law Offices of Teresa Cai different from them is that Teresa Cai really cares the interest of her clients and goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients’ cases are taken care of.” William L, Fremont, CA

“Teresa Cai has all the characteristics you would look for in an attorney:
– very responsive;
– very knowledgeable, an expert in her field; and
– dependable & organized”.
I highly recommend her services to companies that need an outside attorney to handle their business immigration law filings.”
Inna E., Sunnyvale, CA

“My company and I have been using Law offices of Teresa Cai for more than three years. I got to say Teresa is THE BEST lawyer I have ever seen in my life. Whenever I have the questions or issues might need her consultations, she always replied to my email immediately, even during the weekend. She’s awesome.” Chiehkun C., Irvine, CA

Teresa Cai was referred to me by my friends in the urban planning, architecture, Landscape fields in the Bay Area. She has strong reputation in many firms that need to go through H1b and Green Card process. Teresa helped me every step with confidence and accuracy. What’s most impressive is her prompt reply. she is also very responsive to phone calls. I highly recommend her services.” Nelson P., Berkeley, CA

Our company is a small landscape architectural design firm, and we have been using Law Offices of Teresa Cai for our immigration needs for over 15 years. Teresa is very experienced in her field and is most thorough in her preparation of cases. She is responsive and expeditious whenever we need her services. In addition, she is very honest and always keeps us informed of potential risks, which saves us from having to spend unnecessary fees and resources on risky cases. We are extremely satisfied with her highly professional services.” Lisa W., San Francisco, CA

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